Social Impact Program

The social impact of a company is the sum of the consequences that the company has on society and the communities in which it operates.

It is no longer enough for companies to generate only economic benefits; they must also be aware of their responsibility towards society at large.

Furthermore, within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, the responsible management of a company’s social impacts is related to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aware of this role we have as a startup, SoftwareCraft promotes its corporate social impact program called SocialCrafting which seeks to responsibly manage its business work and increase its positive impact.

To achieve this, we have 5 lines of work:

Employability and professional development.

How: Through the attraction, leadership, and promotion of nearshoring projects for software development, where engineering professionals are hired from countries such as Costa Rica and El Salvador and put to work for large U.S. companies. This guarantees formal and quality employment, in compliance with the legislation of each country where we operate.

In addition, we offer professional growth opportunities to our employees through English coaching and training in technological tools and new programming languages.

Which SDGs are impacted: 4. Quality education and 8. Decent work and economic growth.

Social mobility and fight against poverty.

How: Through collaboration agreements with agencies such as Kodigo, a Creative Technology and Social Entrepreneurship Academy in El Salvador designed under a business model based on training, employability, and entrepreneurship, and which serves especially the population in vulnerable areas.

Kodigo creates an educational curriculum to quickly train in specific technologies (with 3 or 6-month training known as Bootcamps), meeting the needs of SoftwareCraft's clients in the U.S. and Latin America, and providing employment opportunities or internships to young people who have experienced poverty and violence.

Which SDGs does it impact: 1. End poverty.

Inclusion and gender

How: Through recruitment processes that guarantee equal opportunities for men and women and that seek to increase the number of women professionals participating in our operation, both as engineers and in other key positions.

In addition, as part of the agreement with Kodigo in El Salvador, we have access to a boot camp designed exclusively for women that aims to reduce the gender gap in software, technology, and innovation projects.

Which SDGs does it impact: 5. Gender equality / 10. Reduction of inequalities.

Financial education for engineering professionals

How: Through the sponsorship of face-to-face and virtual workshops for software engineers, in alliances with experts in personal finance, wealth management, and investments.

The workshops are free of charge for the company's collaborators and for employees of the companies for which SoftwareCraft does business with, with the purpose of providing added value and strengthening win-win relationships with our stakeholders while promoting financial education in general.

Which SDGs does it impact: 1. End Poverty / 8. Decent work and economic growth.

Strategic alliances and investment attraction

How: Through our CEO's participation in Global Chamber, a growing virtual organization and community of general managers, executives, and leaders in 525 cities around the world. Through Global Chamber, international training and networking events are organized, business mentoring is implemented, and trusted connections and joint projects are created.

The purpose of SoftwareCraft's participation in Global Chamber Costa Rica and El Salvador lies in the generation of strategic alliances to promote software development, the implementation of new technologies, and innovation. All with the purpose of increasing employability and attracting investment to the region, creating opportunities for economic and social development.

Which SDGs does it impact: 8. Decent work and economic growth / 9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

In summary, SoftwareCraft goes beyond its merely commercial role and invests time, money, and effort in generating social value, leading with a sustainable vision and a business model that seeks to positively impact the communities and people related to its operation.